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Cleaning Your PC For Peak Performance

Any time is a good time to do a clean up of the computers, servers and electronic equipment in your office, both inside and out. Failure to thoroughly clean your computers and servers at least once or twice a year will result in decreased performance and possibly even system failures.

Here’s why:

Dust clogs the computer’s cooling system causing it to heat up, damaging sensitive electronic equipment. Dust can also cause fan noise and (believe it or not) slow performance!

Crumbs and dirt in your keyboard can cause keys to stick and crunchy sounds when typing. Plus, it’s just gross and unhealthy; do you know there are more germs on your computer keyboard than the average public toilet? Even dust, fingerprints and dirt build-up will make your computer monitor dim and fuzzy.

Here are 5 quick steps you can take today to clean up your systems and improve performance:

  1. Use Disk Cleanup to delete temporary files, unused programs and any other files taking up space and slowing things down. (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup)
  2. Defrag your hard drive to speed up access to your data. (Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Defragment your hard drive).
  3. Update your spyware and antivirus software with the newest definitions. The internet changes fast. Having outdated security can slow you down dramatically.
  4. Make sure you have the latest security patches and updates installed and configured properly.
  5. Check your backups and conduct an emergency “restore” of the data. Remember, the best time to check your backups is when you DON’T desperately need to recover your data...


Zachary T. Brown
Marketing Director
StormsEdge Technology

Upgrading Your Tablet & Phone

The notion of upgrading my cell phone or the operating system on my iPad kind of irritates me. The iPad works perfectly fine with whatever the original OS is. Yeah except, the device is almost five years old. I think the OS has been upgraded exactly once.

Of course, the device works fine, the problem really is that some of the apps don’t work fine anymore, nor can I buy/download any these days because they all require the newest OS.

So what’s the problem, you ask? Just upgrade the OS and move on. Yeah, well, that aspect of technology isn’t really my forte and I’ve heard more than one horror story of people unable to properly backup their data before upgrading and then losing it all. I don’t keep much on there, really. Anything in Dropbox is recoverable, right? Right. Any music and TV shows originate in iTunes on my PC. I can re-load those. Okay… So what’s left then, Jen? Not a whole lot, I guess.

There shouldn’t be anything holding me back except know-how. But there’s Google for that right?? Or a tech-savvy husband.

Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
StormsEdge Technology

Benefits of Using Hardware as a Service (HAAS)

As we all know that replacing computers in an office can be a very expensive process. What if I told you that there is a much more cost effective method to replacing computers and On-Premise servers. This method is what we in the industry call HAAS or Hardware As A Service.

The idea behind HAAS is that instead of having to upfront the cost of replacing PCs that are considered obsolete, or have become defective, is that instead we are able to provide the PC to you on a monthly low cost, and so that anytime there is a problem with the computer later down the road, we will be able to bring you another computer right away, to minimize your downtime.

Some of the other benefits to HAAS is that you can always stay up to date with current technology, as a new PC can be delivered with the latest most efficient O.S and hardware specs needed for your needs. With the monthly rate being fixed cost, you no longer have to worry about that unexpected expense. Using this model will also be able to increase productivity from your employees not being able to get work done to countless and constant computer issues. Now with this service a lot of providers will also include remote monitoring and maintenance to the PC throughout the lifespan of the computer. One last benefit would be that HAAS is a scalable service, as needs for your business grow, all that you will need to do is add more PCs, and if there is a decline for any reason, your HAAS provider can simply pick up the PCs and you no longer have to pay for them. This will keep you from having a closet full of old computers that are not getting utilized.

So as you can see is that there are multiple benefits to utilizing HAAS from a service provider, especially if your company is rapidly growing, or even needing to replace multiple PCs for any reason.

Tracy Hazelton
System Technologist
StormsEdge Technology