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To All You "Mulit-Taskers"

Think You’re a Productive Multi-tasker?? Think Again…

With all the distraction out there—e-mail, music, phone calls, and texting—it’s easy to think we’re doing a lot of things at once and doing them well or being productive on major tasks or projects. A slew of studies, one of the most recent done by M.I.T., say otherwise. Our brains are just not geared toward doing too many things all at once, especially tasks that require the same part of the brain to accomplish, such as talking and writing. Sure we can walk and chew gum and listen to music at the same time, but walking is so ingrained in us that it takes little conscious thought to do. Listening to music is generally a passive endeavor and chewing gum a mindless task.

Yes, there are a few people who can genuinely keep track of and successfully complete multiple tasks seemingly at once or in rapid succession, but most of us need to focus on one thing at a time. That’s not to say a lot of people can’t switch their focus quickly, but that’s where the myth of multi-tasking takes root. People think they’re juggling several things at once, and maybe they are, but they’re focusing on and completing a single task in the grand scheme of things before moving onto the next. But there also comes a saturation point.

For me personally, I make much better progress on certain things when I’m not answering phones and being interrupted every five minutes, when I can focus my attention on that one task and get into a rhythm and go, go, go.

Do you consider yourself a multi-tasker, or are you just proficient at shifting your focus?

Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
StormsEdge Technology

Increase Employee Productivity, Simply

According to a University of Utah study, you can increase your efficiency (or your employees' efficiency) by 25% just by adding a second monitor. With multiple monitors, you can get more done since you aren't minimizing and maximizing all day long. Therefore, adding monitors can be a money maker for your company.

I have been using multiple monitor (4 to be specific) for a very long time and I just can imagine going back to a single monitor.  Furthermore, as a business owner, we implemented dual monitors for just about everyone in our office and have notices huge benefits just like the ones identified in the study.

With the cost of video cards and monitors as cheap as they are now, you could easily start reaping the benefits in just a few months on your investment. For as little as $250 let’s get down to the real numbers try filling out the table below to find good candidates for Multi-Monitors and what they would do for your bottom line.

We all know that your employees are your greatest asset in business and also the most expensive.  So, I don’t know about you, but I would gladly spend $250 to get $900 per year more work out of the same employees.

Our full article, "Increasing Employee Productivity," can be found HERE

Daniel A. Fitzgerald
Owner & President
StormsEdge Technolog


The iPhone6 is not a phone, but more a mini computer…

Smartphones have been heading that way for a while. But with the iPhone 6, Apple has made phone calls the least of our concerns when shopping around for a new cell phone. We look more for how we can send messages, take pictures and now even pay for a cup of coffee.

At first impression, I thought it was about time Apple let their iPhone 6 catch up with most of the things we've come to expect from competitors, while changing how we define the word "phone." One thing that has caught my attention in particular with the iPhone 6 is Apple Pay, which is an application that allows you to replace a wallet full of credit cards with your iPhone.

This transformation is a good thing for most of us, though turning the iPhone into a multi-faceted minicomputer required some compromises.

The biggest change to the iPhone6 is it’s size—it measures 4.7 inches diagonally and its big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus, measures 5.5 inches diagonally. All that extra screen space allows you to do a lot more with the iPhone 6. The larger screen will probably increase productivity for some, since they can read more emails, view bigger pictures and type more easily. The screen is brighter and offers higher-resolution than existing iPhones. People who do a lot of work on the go will likely be drawn to the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple also worked in some modifications to the iPhone's operating system to ease one-handed use, features not found on other large-screened smartphones. Press lightly twice on the iPhone 6's Touch ID button, and whatever app you're using instantly becomes half-screen sized, so you can reach stuff at the top of the screen, like the icon to start a new email.

In the Messages app, you can send a voice note with just your thumb by pulling up a quarter-circle sized control in the lower-right side. Samsung allows you to place apps in a smaller window or shift the size of the keyboard in its latest flagship phone, but it isn't quite as elegant.

Designing computers the size of a phone is the age were in now and in a few months, I’m sure most of us who upgrade to the iPhone 6 will wonder how we ever used such a small "phone" before.

For the full read, click HERE!

Zachary T. Brown
Marketing Director
StormsEdge Technology

Employee Surfing

In’s survey of over 2,500 employees, nearly ½ of the group admitted to wasting 1-3 hours every day on the web surfing non-related activities.

If even ONE employee in your company is spending ONE hour surfing the web instead of doing what they should be doing, it is impacting your bottom line. Add to that the fact that many employees reduce productivity for your whole staff when they peruse the web because their activity slows your company’s Internet speed way down… (If you’ve ever gotten frustrated because your Internet all of a sudden slowed to a halt…a time-wasting employee may be the cause)… and you’ve got a recipe for losing money without even realizing it.

So, other than looking over each employee’s shoulder every hour of every day, how do you even know if this is going on in your business? And if it is going on, how do you stop it?  Check out these tips for help:

(1)   Determine Your Rules – Figuring out what websites are actually productive for your business will help to prevent or eliminate any wasted web time. For example, many companies ban job searching sites for obvious reasons; they don’t want their employees finding another job on the company’s dime.

(2)   Get An Internet Usage Audit – Any reputable IT company should have tools available to be able to report on your employee’s Internet activity, most times without the employee even knowing.  This can give you an insight into who in your organization (if anyone) is the biggest culprit and how much productivity loss you currently have in your company.

(3)   Have An Internet Filtering System Installed – Sounds complicated…but it’s not. Typically, a piece of hardware or software is installed on your network and its job is to block any specific websites or categories of websites (all shopping sites, for example). There are literally dozens of different models and pricing structures for these devices. The most basic ones allow you to control the types of websites your employees can visit by blocking them altogether.

Fascinating huh?

Daniel A. FitzGerald
Owner & President
StormsEdge Technology 

Real Estate :The Realm Of Technology

In terms of technology, real estate generally refers to the screen size of your monitor and the subsequent size of your desktop—in other words, the amount of space you have to see what you need to see.

Several years ago, I went from a single monitor to two monitors. Whoa!! I loved all the extra real estate. I could have at least two things open at once and be able to see them both at the same time. That’s especially helpful if you need to see one program or document in order to work on the other. Flipping between programs is royal pain.

Now, my boss has four monitors, two stacked on top of two. That’s a bit much for me. Of course, his are square and the combined height is too high for me to comfortably be able to look up at. My monitors are rectangular (horizontally), so I guess another row of them wouldn’t be so bad. But for what I do, I’ve never really wished I had more. I suppose your needs depend of your line of work and how many programs you juggle at any given time.

Remember, though, that you may need a special video card to support two (or more) monitors, so do your research before embarking your purchases!

Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
StormsEdge Technology

Is Your Technology Working For You or Against You?

Stop allowing your business to be held back by the wrong technology and get back into the competition!

If you find yourself constantly feeling like technology is slowing you down or holding you back, your technology may have not been properly integrated into your business processes.  As an example let’s take a look at a client of ours.  There’s a small marketing and advertising company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that handles promotional based advertisement for some rather well-known brands. We were brought us in to evaluate if they need more Internet bandwidth.                                                                 

You see, one of the greatest challenges for marketing and advertisement firms is getting the Graphics and Design work completed and off to the client for their approval by the deadlines.  With graphics becoming more advanced and complex over the years, the files (pictures) have become huge.  Making it take longer and longer to get them sent to their client.

Sure you could just purchase more bandwidth, but this is a never ending tug-of-war as the company would grow and would have to continue purchasing more and more bandwidth at an alarming and expensive rate.

However, having a technology expert to ensure your leveraging technology correctly in order for it to work for your company and not against it, can prevent issue like this from happening. Want to know more? Read the full HERE!

Daniel A. FitzGerald
Owner & President
StormsEdge Technology