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3 Technology Truths For Transforming Your Business

1. You have to keep up. Tech changes fast. By the end of this year, 5G will be more widely available – along with devices that can use it. More businesses will be relying on artificial intelligence to supplement productivity and customer interaction, putting them light-years ahead of the competition that lags behind.

2. You have to invest. Change comes with cost. If you aren’t willing to invest in new tech, then you will fall behind, and so will your support and security. If you run into any problems, then you could be in big trouble.

3. Don’t fall behind on cyber security. It’s easy to forget about cyber security when things are running smoothly and working as intended. But cybercriminals never stop. They are always looking for a way in, and if you fall behind the times on your IT security, then you make it easier for them. Keep your data and your customers as secure as possible.

Inc., July 30, 2019


Amber Baker
Marketing Admin
StormsEdge Technology

Top Reasons to Be Thankful For Technology

When you’re making a list of things to be thankful for, computers and technology usually don’t make the list; as a matter of fact, they often get put on the “hate” list of things that frustrate us!

However, I think it’s time someone gave credit where credit is due! Here are the top 5 reasons why we should be thankful for all the new (and constantly evolving) technology we have available to us:

1.  It allows us all to be more “earth-friendly.” Thanks to e-mail and the Internet, as well as the ease in document imaging, we can all communicate with each other without having to waste paper and ink, not to mention stamps!

2.  We can instantly access information on practically any topic we want, whenever we want. I remember when I was a kid, all research required a trip to the library and old-fashioned research with a set of encyclopedias. Now, if you need to find a Mexican restaurant within 1 mile of your location, you can not only find one, but you can check out the menu and order online so your food is waiting for you when you show up!

3.  It keeps us in touch. Although it can easily be argued we’ve gone too far in this department (see the article to the right), cell phones, Blackberries, and even online forums (blogs, Facebook, MySpace) have enabled us to find and stay in touch with more people more frequently.

4.  It saves us time and money. Nothing has done more for the consumer than the Internet. In minutes, you can search on and compare various products and services without having to make a single phone call or (even better) getting in your car to drive about looking for what you want. Plus, you can order just about anything online and have it shipped to your door. Amazing!
What are WE most grateful for? Those of you that trust us to make all the computers and gadgets work the way they are supposed to – our customers!

Daniel A. FitzGerald
President & Owner
StormsEdge Technology