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Media Marketing Tools

New social media marketing tools seem to pop up every day, so here’s some help sorting the best from the rest:

1. Mention: Google Alerts for the social web. Mention helps you monitor your brand’s presence on social networks, forums, blogs and more. It also includes social features that allow you to respond to mentions of your brand and to share industry news that you find.

2. Buffer: Social media publishing plus powerful analytics. Buffer is a powerful social media tool that lets you schedule your updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and

3. Feedly: Content discovery. Finding great content to share with your audience is easy with Feedly. Not only can you subscribe to RSS feeds to keep on top of industry blogs and news sites, you can also use Feedly to discover new content related to your topics of interest.

4. Twitter Counter: Track Twitter progress. It can be easy to lose track of how your Twitter account is growing; that’s where Twitter Counter comes in. It’s a free service that tracks changes in your follower count and predicts future growth over time.

5. Zapier: Link favorite social services. Zapier connects the services you use independently. For example, if your team uses HipChat to keep in touch, you can use Zapier to set up automatic notifications inside HipChat rooms for Tweets, MailChimp campaigns or new RSS items.

6. Bottlenose: Intelligence for social networks. Bottlenose features a real-time search engine that queries all public information from social networks and groups and displays it in algorithmic order of importance. The result is a stream of content ranked by most to least important.

7. Followerwonk: Follower analysis for Twitter. Although you can use a tool like Twitter Counter to watch the growth of the number of your Twitter followers, you may need to analyze your followers more carefully. Followerwonk breaks down your followers into demographics so you can understand them better.

8. Quintly: Social analytics for brands. Quintly is a powerful tool for in-depth social media analytics, helping you track your business’s social media performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. Quintly also has benchmarking features that help you understand how your performance compares to that of competitors and to industry averages.

Zachary T. Brown
Marketing Director
StormsEdge Technology

Introverts & Social Media

Our marketing dude, Zach, talked in a previous post about using social media as a business tool… But what about your average Joe or Jane Schmo? According to Zach, there are over a hundred social media sites to choose from. I’ve personally probably only heard of maybe a dozen, give or take.

I don’t participate on everything I know about either—that’d just be too much, especially for an introvert like me. But I have to say, for an introvert, social media is a safer (in more ways than one) and less exhausting way of meeting new friends and interacting with people. Generally speaking, you can connect with others who are interested in the same things as you, be it music or art or literature or gardening or whatever, and you can control your level of participation or not participate at all if don’t want to for any reason.

You can also pick and choose what platforms you utilize for different purposes. For example, I use Facebook as a way of keeping in touch with my family who is scattered across the country as well as with a few old and dear family friends and selected others. I also use it for the latest news on my random obsessions, like the BBC’s Sherlock or Harry Potter. Most of my friends are aspiring or published authors and almost all of them use Facebook as a way to network and connect with readers. I had to unfriend them all because keeping up with that much inflow was too much work.

In addition to Facebook, I keep a blog. I generally post three times a week about what’s going on my life. Originally, it kept my mother up-to-date (before I connected with her on Facebook) but I’ve developed a tiny following (2 or 3 people that I know personally) who find my ramblings interesting or amusing or, every now and again, a bit philosophical. It’s also a sort of high level diary of my life for the last seven years. What I was interested in, what was going on in our lives.

There are a couple of other platforms I utilize, some more than others and for specific purposes. Above all, social media from a lay person’s perspective should be fun. If it’s not fun, why do it?

What about you?

What platform do like the most?


Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
StormsEdge Technology