Advantages of Using WordPress

WordPress? Isn’t that just a blog? That’s what most people think when you say you can build their company website with it. Truth is, there are many huge corporations who are well known that are currently using WordPress as their web backend.

Some of these companies include Fortune, Xerox, MTV News, Sony Music, and many more. Because of the easiness to change, add, remove, or update content. This makes Wordpress one of the most popular platforms to build on. Gone are the days of having to have access to the web server to change content on a website, with Wordpress you can access your website backend from any internet connected device with a browser. For your SEO person Wordpress is the easiest to work with and search engines love it for its simple code for them to be able to index easily.

Anyone that has ever played with Wordpress will be able to tell you that the best way to add any functionally you could think of is by using plug-in. Instead of spending months coding your own functionality to a website, there are thousands of plug-in that have been prebuilt. All you have to do is download and customize the plug-in for your site. Remember “there is an app for that” by Apple? Well the same holds true for the plug-in as well, whether you are looking for easy image slide shows or more security for your site, you can find a plug-in for that.

Has your company grown? Well if it has, one of the benefits is that Wordpress can grow with it. You can have thousands of pages on your website and not have to worry about the impact of performance. Need to build a store on our site, no problem, once again there is a plug-in for that.

Want to change the look and feel of your website? This can easily be done by selecting one of the thousands of themes available in the Wordpress repository. And don’t worry about the install, just like plug-in all you have to do is upload it into Wordpress and activate it.

The truth is, I could go on forever discussing all of the benefits to using Wordpress, but if you truly want to see the benefits for yourself, you just have to try it. So why not try the platform that even Google recommends for business websites?

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