A Cornucopia of Internet Bookmarks

A couple of months ago, I booted up my laptop and opened up my browser. After updating said browser (Firefox), I was presented with the opportunity to synch my browser. I really liked the concept as I have a mishmash of bookmarks strewn across three different computers and sometimes when at home, I want to access a site I know I have a bookmark for on my work PC or I saved the link to an interesting site on one laptop and would love to pull it up on the other—yes, without getting up, getting the laptop, booting it up, etc… 

My first question was, “Is it safe?” I do work for an IT company after all and network security is a priority. So I asked one of our technicians and he did a bit of research for me and said that as long as I used a master password, it would be fine. I don’t save too many passwords in my browser and certainly none that get me into banking and bill payment sites, but I was still leery. It took me another month to finally decide to go for it.

The resulting mess of duplicate bookmarks and organizing folders took some time to sort through, delete dupes, and combine others, but ultimately having all of my bookmarks available no matter what computer I’m using has been very convenient.

Have you taken advantage of this service? If so, were you glad you did? If not, why not?

Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
StormsEdge Technology

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