Email Craziness

I love e-mail. I used to love it a lot more, but since I get so many work-related messages these days, the shine has worn off a bit.

I deal with email a lot in the course of my job and I see a lot of email addresses that I think, ‘goodness, what a pain in the butt to write out all the time’. What seems like fun or appropriate at the time can turn into a hassle, like Who really wants to type that out a dozen or more times a day?

Some email addresses definitely have a story behind them. When my daughter was a little girl, we could read every expression on her face, much like the narrator character Face on the Nick Jr. channel, so her first email address incorporated that into it. Other addresses seem to be suggestions from the email provider of choice as the address someone requested was already in use. You know,

I also see professional people without their personal domain names/emails. I guess it works for them, but I don’t know…does a personalized domain name give a more professional impression? or Maybe that’s a personality thing. I suppose the guy in the jail cell has more pressing concerns.

What about you? Lover or hater of email? Do you have an email address with a story behind it or something more utilitarian?

Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
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