3 Reasons For Why Deep Linking Is A Must

Most people who work on the web…whether they are veteran SEOs or web content strategists…know about deep linking.

They understand that it is all about linking internal pages. You link internal pages to other internal pages…and you get other sites to link to these internal pages

But few of them actually understand the advanced tactics of deep linking that reduce visitor bounce rate while improving page views, time on site and even subscriber numbers.

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of deep linking, deep linking tactics and when you should avoid deep linking…keep reading.

One reason you should deep link is that it enhances the users experience. Sending a user to a deep page will probably better relate to his or her goals than sending them to your home page.

Besides, your home page can’t rank for every single keyword you want to optimize.

Let’s look at three reasons…authority, relevancy and visibility…why deep linking is important to these concepts:

  1. Raise the authority of the entire site – If all you did was optimize and send traffic to your home page (not that you would be dumb enough to do that), then you might have a home page with a really high authority rank…but the rest of your pages had little or no authority. Well, when search engines looked at your entire site then those poor-authority pages would bring down your home pages authority rank, too. Looking at it positively, deep linking can help you increase your entire site’s authority.

  2. Increase your site’s overall relevancy – Because you don’t…nor can you…optimize your home page for every single keyword, then you must use internal pages. When the pages you publish contain those keywords in the meta data (URL, title tag, image attribute, etc.) and the body copy, then search engines will crawl and then index your page based upon that keyword. In other words, because the keyword is relevant to the page and you’ve linked to it with a keyword-rich anchor text from another page, Google will consider it an authority…and rank it high.

  3. Increase your site’s overall visibility – Large sites suffer from too many pages not getting indexed because of their sheer size. This is where good navigational skills like deep linking come into play. These deep links…both from your site and other sites…will help search engines follow the path through your site to these hidden pages…and making them visible by indexing them.

Now that we’ve explored three good reasons, tomorrow we will go over some tactics of deep linking!

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