Are you a fan of YouTube? I don’t spend a whole lot of time on YouTube myself, but I do take advantage of it. I have a personal blog and I’ve been going through somewhat of a musical Renaissance and have been posting a song or two each week as I remember the music I’ve loved and enjoyed throughout the years. I use YouTube to share those songs.

I personally don’t use it for much more than that, but apparently you can find all kinds of things there. My son used to watch (probably still does on occasion) Captain Sparkles—how many of you are familiar??? If not, Captain Sparkles is a guy who records himself playing video games, providing a look-see for gamers to get a sense of the game before buying as well as tips and tricks and the like and many other entertaining and informative offerings.

I love that I can find interviews with my favorite celebrities or random TV shows and movies since I don’t have live TV myself, or that the occasional fan girl treasure such as Benedict Cumberbatch narrating audiobooks, including Casanova!, are available.
I do have a channel of my own where I mostly have videos of my son’s marching band programs or jazz band concerts loaded so I can share with his grandmothers.

Are you a fan/user of YouTube? What do you use it for primarily? Do you have your own channel?

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