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Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup Recovery - The stress Free Way To Backup Your Data!

If your business was hit with a Data Disaster would you be able to recover?

DATA DISASTERS can occur at any time, resulting in the loss of valuable information which can cripple your business. These days, having a reliable system to protect and back up personal data is critical in running a successful business. With the combination of our experienced IT professionals and our unique backup solution, restoring your data within hours is no longer wishful thinking, but an assurance.

When you allow StormsEdge to manage and backup your data, you’re not just another customer thrown into the system. Our team will personally manage the backup and security of your critical business information, while giving your business the ability up and running within hours should a disaster strike. We feel our customers deserve to have the peace of mind knowing your data is secure and will be available should a disaster strike.

  • Automated Backup SystemWith our unique backup solution, all files, folders and databases are automatically backed up to one of our secure servers. You don’t have to remember to do anything; it’s all done for you.
  • Increased ReliabilityOnce your data is sent to our secure servers, changes to your files are updated and secured automatically.
  • Constant SecurityYour data is encrypted prior to being sent to our secure sever and will remain encrypted while on our servers.
  • Easy AccessWith your data being placed in our secure network, you have the ability to obtain some or all of your information immediately.


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