Cloud File Storage Security

Is our data really secure using services like and drop box? The answer to this question may come to a surprise to most. Using services like these may be convenient but I would not recommend trying to sync any important documents using these types of services.

It was not long ago that drop box had a vulnerability that had been brought to their attention by an outside source; While Drop box knew about it, they simply stated “We don't believe that this is vulnerability. If someone accidentally shares a private Drop box link it can be disabled at any time from the Drop box website, on the Links tab”. Since then Drop box has added a checkbox in their settings to share with collaborators’ only. There are ways to still secure your files without having to rely on box or drop box to “hopefully” secure your data. Many geeks tend to use encryption volumes such as true crypt for windows, or box crypt for mobile devices. This will allow you to be able to encrypt your sensitive data before it gets uploaded to your online file cloud. This way if your data is leaked for any reason there is an added layer of protection for your sensitive files.

So as you can see there are some security risks when using services such as drop box and other. But the good thing is that there are good solutions to help combat the potential loss of important information and documents.

Tracy Hazelton
System Technologist
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