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Ever had a virus outbreak on your network and wish it could have been prevented. I know I have, but what if I told you there are small and simple thing that we could do to prevent this from happening so easily.

Email scams and malware can easily provide a gaping hole in just about any network, and that hole can be a bit smaller just by simply training the users in your company to look out for common things in an email. For starters explain to your users the importance, and what can happen during an attack on the network, such as the company downtime, and cost that these types of attacks can cost. Then pull up some examples of items to look out for that are common among these bad emails, this could be misspelling of word in the emails, attachments, and even who sent them the email. While implementing a spam solution is always a good idea, just know that it most likely will not be able to capture 100% of all spam.

Lets look at a few examples of some phishing emails and put your brain to the test. Are you able to tell in these next few images why you think that it could be a fraud?

If you guessed that the email that it was sent from is from the UK, then you would be correct. By taking just a few moments to google where the company is located you would easily be able to identify that this email is bogus. Lets try another one.

If you guessed that the link is incorrect then you would be correct. It is extremely easy to create a hyperlink and name it something that may look legitimate, but then it will take you somewhere else that you are not wanting to go. Lets do one more.

If you guessed the attachment is bogus, then you would be right. Emails similar to this one have been really common lately as there are many users that do not understand file attachments and what file types are associated with what programs, what they have done here is compressed a virus as an attachment and sent it to the user, telling them that it is a PDF. Well some users know that you can directly attach PDF files to an email without compressing them (some exclusions may apply and vary depending on email setup). If your IT has restrictions on the size of attachments then take into consideration who is sending this email to you and where you expecting this email.

If any of these items look familiar to you then before you just click on a link or open an attachment, contact your IT department or helpdesk team to analyze the email for you before anything bad happens.

Tracy Hazelton
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