Smart Phones

I know I must be one of the few people who hasn’t already upgraded to a smart phone. My husband switched to the Blackberry many moons ago when they were all the rage, and my kids have all had iPhones for the last few years. Well, one child tried the Android for a while, but recently switched to the iPhone.

I’ve held off on upgrading because I don’t want to turn into one of those people who lives on their phone. I could do so easily. I love email and there are a few websites I like to visit often. I also love to read (as I’ve mentioned previously) and with a smart phone could have access to my Dropbox where I keep my downloaded fics…

The two things that have made me want a smart phone most, though, are access to Google Maps when I get stuck in traffic and access to weather information in case of power outages. I’ve resisted for the above mentioned reasons.

But now my old dumb phone seems to be acting up, mostly not holding a charge despite the fact that I hardly use it. Much less now that my son is in boot camp and does not have his cell phone with him. I’m worried however that my mind is playing tricks on me and I don’t really need a new phone.

I’m not in the market for the brand new iPhone 6 or whatever the brand new release is, but I was in the cell phone store a few weeks ago on another matter and there’s not a dumb phone to be found any longer. So when the upgrade happens, it looks as if there’s a smart phone in my future.

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