Speaking Of Reading

And A Few Other Things...          

Last time, I might have mentioned how much I love to read…I read a lot, pretty much every day. If I’m not reading fan fiction, then I’m reading a romance novel, either for pleasure or for money- I proof read and copy edit for my fellow romance novelist.

My reading device of choice for regular books is my iPad, using the Kindle app. I like it better than the original Kindle because it’s backlit and I can read with ease even if the lighting around isn’t so great. I know reading devices have become more multi-purpose these days, but my iPad serves the purpose well. Since it has email access, internet access, games and other functions, I’ve never felt the need to spend money on a single-single device.

- Are you a reader?
- Do you prefer physical books over e-books?
- What genre/s do you enjoy?
- If you own and e-reader, what’s your preferred device?

If you prefer e-books over physical books, did you know you can get tons of books for free? On amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or your e-tailer of choice, you should be able to key $0.00 and click search. It should bring up all products priced free. Since we’re talking books, make sure you’re in the book section, so free books are all that come up in the search results!


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