Technology - Working For You or Against You?

It is no surprise to anyone that technology has changed drastically over the years.  Along with these advancements in technology has some a whole new host of challenges for businesses today.  As technology has gotten more and more powerful so has the complexity of implementing this technology properly into the business place.  Technology with either work for you or against you.

If you find yourself constantly feeling like technology is slowing you down or holding you back then you may be in a place where technology has not been properly integrated into your business processes.  As an example let’s take a look at a client of ours.  They are small marketing and advertising company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that handles promotional bases advertisement for some rather well-known brands.

When they first became a client, it was because their AT&T representative brought us in to evaluate if they need more Internet bandwidth.  After a careful evaluation of their network and how they conducted business, we were able to leverage technology for them rather than having it work against them. Saving the need for more bandwidth, and giving their design team more time to complete their tasks by the heavy deadlines.

One of the greatest challenges for marketing and advertisement firms is getting the Graphics and Design work completed and to the client for approval by the deadlines.  While graphics has gotten so advanced and better over the years, the files (pictures) have become huge.  Making it take longer and long to get them sent to their client.  Add the fact they had 15 or more graphic designers all trying to complete and send their work for review and you have a problem.  It’s like trying to fit 15 people through a doorway at the same time.

Sure you could just purchase more bandwidth, but this is a never ending tug-of-war as the company would grow they would have to continue to purchase more and more bandwidth at an alarming and expensive rate.

To make technology work for them rather than against them, we flipped the tables a bit and placed within their network a file sharing system that their graphic designers could upload their files to.  Because this was right on their network they could work right up to their deadlines and then spend 5 minutes placing the file on their system for the client to review.  Rather than having to make sure they were done a day early so they could start the upload of the files the night before and let it run overnight praying it did not error out.

This is just one example why you need to work with a technology expert to ensure your leveraging technology to work for your company and not against it.


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