Top 5 Laptop Brands

1. Apple
Apple was ranked first as producer of 2013 best laptop in this. Apple does not have enough laptop models but the cost of their products worth around $1000 USD. Apple is very professional in making high quality products, good design, keyboard, battery and other hardware was flawless and did not disappoint. They are also very friendly and good at giving support to those customers who have problems with their products.

2. Sony
Just like Samsung, Sony also an old brand and manufacturer of thousands of electronic products. Sony has become the most popular brand over the last few decades and especially in the electronic world is no exception with their laptops. Laptop with Sony brand has advantages in performance, a great keyboard, good battery life and reliable hardware. There are many colors that are available when you choose a Sony laptop and multimedia features of each series they fully variable alias is not the same.

3. HP
HP is one of the oldest brands of laptop and after merging with Compaq it has become more widely known than ever. This brand is known for making a lot of standard laptops has a remarkable quality. Well, the laptop from HP is be a bit more expensive but the price is a decent price for the products they launch. Recently they also started producing cheap notebook for gaming is its ability not inferior to ASUS and Acer, which cost less than $500. HP is usually more focused on the sound and the graphics part because they think these days a lot into consideration the buyers, so do not be surprised if in any HP branded laptops have graphics and sound quality better than other brands.

4. Lenovo
Lenovo has a fairly priced slightly more expensive than other brands, but the quality. Lenovo is often the first choice when a want to buy quality branded laptops, although a little pricey but they are not lacking in all respects, be it design, hardware or on other features. They are very good in all areas such as sound, graphics, keyboard, touchpad and screen, and is considered as the best brand for a Windows laptop.

5. Samsung
Samsung is a very old brand that produces many electronic products including home appliances such as television, freezer, air conditioner, washing machine and much more. After great success in the series Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy S, they also improve the quality of their products, especially laptop series to be launched. Average price of Samsung laptops may be around $500-600, they also have the best notebook for gaming that you can have after at least spend more than $1,500. It is pricey but as the saying goes PRICE NEVER LIE, Samsung laptop in production can give you great services in accordance with the money you spend.

Zachary T. Brown
Marketing Director
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