Upgrading Phones & Tablets

The notion of upgrading my cell phone or the operating system on my iPad kind of irritates me. The iPad works perfectly fine with whatever the original OS is. Yeah except, the device is almost five years old. I think the OS has been upgraded exactly once.

Of course, the device works fine, the problem really is that some of the apps don’t work fine anymore, nor can I buy/download any these days because they all require the newest OS.

So what’s the problem, you ask? Just upgrade the OS and move on. Yeah, well, that aspect of technology isn’t really my forte and I’ve heard more than one horror story of people unable to properly backup their data before upgrading and then losing it all. I don’t keep much on there, really. Anything in Dropbox is recoverable, right? Right. Any music and TV shows originate in iTunes on my PC. I can re-load those. Okay… So what’s left then, Jen? Not a whole lot, I guess.

There shouldn’t be anything holding me back except know-how. But there’s Google for that right?? Or a tech-savvy husband.

Jen FitzGerald
Office Manager
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