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Are you considering going virtual for your workplace? When the time comes to start replacing an old infrastructure one topic that consistently comes up is virtual desktops. This is that crucial moment in time where you ask yourself the question, “what is truly the best fit for achieving our business goals and becoming a more productive team?

Once you find yourself asking this question, it’s during this time you begin considering several factors such as cost, flexibility, scalability, and security. The advantages to moving to virtual desktops outweigh the cons in most cases. Some of these advantages include available from virtually anywhere over an Internet connection, this means laptops, tablets, phones, or even another computer. Because you are now running virtual you have access to your information at any time, instead of having to go back to the office because that’s the only datacenter your information resides.

Cost is another big decision maker, but we have got you covered there as well. The overall cost of going virtual is much lower from reducing the amount of electricity that is consumed to software licensing, to I.T Support. Below is an average cost comparison between a traditional PC vs. a virtual desktop


Physical Desktop

(Standard PC)

Virtual Desktop

(Zero Client System)

Total Hardware and Software Cost per Machine



Total Electrical Consumption  (kWh) per day per Machine



Total Daily Power Cost per Machine



Total kWh per year per Machine



Annual Power Costs per Machine




3-5 years

7-10 years

Electrical and infrastructure cost after eight years for one desktop






Because no computer is safe from failing at some point or another, you will need to consider the amount that is spent to support or repair these computers in the case that something goes wrong. How much would you say your company spends on IT support and maintenance per PC? Now how would you like to significantly reduce that number? How Because the Virtual desktops can be managed at the datacenter without having to pay someone to come out to your location every time something goes wrong. Security Patches, software, and updates are applied companywide without taking down one machine at a time throughout a workday, thus losing employee productivity.

So the next valuable question that you may want to consider is how safe is my data? According to Neil MacDonald, the vice president of Gartner "Having the organization's data spread across hundreds or thousands of devices, many of which leave the physical security of office locations, presents a significant risk of data loss,". Virtual Desktops can help improve the security standing of the client computing environment by centralizing sensitive information and applications in the data center, giving IT system and security stakeholders the opportunity not only to improve support efficiency, but also security. So if an employee walks out of the workplace the company data still safe in the datacenter

Now that you are armed with the information you need to know, you are now able to see that one of the most cost effective, secure, and most productive method to upgrade your network would be to consider Virtual Desktops for your business. For more information, call us at 817.284.0775!


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