Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Last year alone, 67% of businesses detected at least one cybercrime, with over 50% of those hit reporting losses of $10,000 or more.

Ask any security expert about strengthening your computer's security, and they would advise setting up a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a connection between a secure server and your computer, which allows you secure your internet browsing, online purchases, and personal information no matter where you are, and yes even public hotspots. To put it simply, a VPN is essential for anyone who regularly uses a laptop from outside the office to connect with a company network. If you think your company does not need one, think again.

Client VPNs allow individual users to connect to a central location via their mobile device or computer. Once authenticated, they then have access to the company’s network to use the resources as if they were at the office. The largest benefit is that even if you are at the coffee shop, your data is encrypted through the VPN tunnel that does not allow anyone to access your transmitted data.

So as you can see this can be beneficial to any company that has employees that are out in the field or just want to be secure when not in the office.

Tracy Hazelton
System Technologist
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