Windows 10 Vs Windows 8/7

Microsoft has unveiled its latest beta of the Windows. Why they named it Windows 10, instead of the Windows 9 I do not know but hey it is Microsoft.

Is it me or does Windows 10 seem to perform and feel more like windows 7 with some features and GUI of Windows 8. Aside from the longevity of Windows XP, Windows 7 was Microsoft’s best operating system to date. We all know Microsoft likes to be ambitious in trying new GUI Interfaces, Windows ME, Windows Vista, & Windows 8. As always the public hates it and Microsoft retracts back to what the public wants. So with that being said let see what is different from Windows 8.

However, unlike Windows 8, Microsoft has announced a tailored experience for each device running Windows 10. So you won’t have the same UI controlling each device.

Owe how we missed you THE BELOVED START MENU is back. Now I can actually navigate and find items on my PC or tablet. Ah but wait what is this I still have a new space for live tile and Apps in my Start Menu that is fully customizable Yippee!!! You can also resize the Start menu now.

BYE! BYE! Metro screen and ugly giant Tiles. Hello normal desktop. Do you have a touch screen PC or a Tablet? No Worries you can switch to tablet mode and use it without a mouse or keyboard.

Did you ever hate that in Windows 8 you had to run Apps from another screen? Not anymore Apps now run just like a program all from the desktop. They all run just like program. You can Maximize, Minimize and Close the Apps all with the click of the mouse.

SNAPS. What’s that? Well it is and enhancement that allows you to drag an application to the side or top of the screen to fill in the space. Well in Windows 10 you can now snap up to 4 applications to a single screen for a much more simple viewing experience.

Multiple desktops? HUH??? Yea you heard me Windows 10 now has multiple desktops built into the OS. There’s a new task-view button on the taskbar for quick access to open files and to any desktop. You can now create multiple desktops for various reasons and switch between then. Even Alt+Tab now work with windows 10 to switch between desktops.

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